HRT Mistakes

Taking HRT? Then don’t make these mistakes!

These days it is becoming common place for many menopausal and post menopausal women to participate in HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, in order to help combat the bothersome symptoms of menopause. 

Menopausal women, who are searching to reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes, anxiety attacks, night sweats, and mood swings, need to take a few steps to ensure they are following all the recommendations their doctor makes to help them feel better during menopause.

Prescription Medication For HRT

It is extremely important when taking any prescription medication to follow the directions given by the doctor very closely. Most doctors will not only advise menopausal women to follow their prescriptions closely, but will also recommend that menopausal women get regular check ups, that they eat a healthy diet, and that they get plenty of regular exercise. Making mistakes can hinder any relief hormone replacement therapy might offer.

A note of caution – self medicating is a very common mistake some women make when taking HRT. Many women decide to only take their medication when symptoms are apparent, as opposed to taking them regularly. This is not how HRT is designed to work.

When a woman is taking hormone replacement supplements, it is necessary to take her prescriptions exactly how the doctor prescribes them. Hormone replacement therapy normally works best when there is a constant dose of hormones going through the body. This causes the symptoms of menopause to be less frequent and women will not experience the ups and downs when the HRT medication is taken correctly.

Women taking hormone supplements should always keep follow up appointments with their doctors. A common mistake many women make is to not worry about follow up appointments because they feel well. Regular check-ups are very necessary to ensure the prescriptions a menopausal woman is taking are working well for her.  They are also necessary to look for signs of cancer, and other risks associated with hormone replacement therapy.

Another common mistake woman make when taking hormone replacement therapy is not following the doctor’s instructions about eating a healthy diet. Eating good healthy food helps by allowing women to take a lower dose of hormone supplements.

A healthy diet should include

  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • soy protein
  • dairy products
  • low fat foods

Finally, a common mistake women make during hormone replacement therapy is not getting enough regular exercise. Women who suffer from stress, anxiety attacks, and insomnia have reported regular exercise helps alleviate many of these symptoms. It is not necessary to participate in strenuous exercise in order to gain benefits just a brisk walk, swimming or even a treadmill can prove very beneficial to menopausal women during hormone replacement therapy.