Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss – how to stop your crowning glory from slowly disappearing.

Important facts you need to know about hair loss treatment…

Hair loss product – want one that is cheap, easy and will improve your hair no end? Then take a good look at your diet. It could be causing your baldness.

Many modern diets are high-fat, high-animal protein and high-salt. A diet of processed foods especially nutrient-depleted ones like white flour, refined white sugar, soft drinks, fried foods, hydrogenated oils and food additives damages the kidneys and creates acidic blood which, amongst other health issues, leads to hair loss.

This type of lifestyle diet leads to your body having a vitamin deficiency and this is another major cause of hair loss.

But a word of caution especially for women – if you are thinking of changing your diet then take note that excessive dieting also causes hormone shifts. Hair loss is thus one of the major symptoms of anorexia and bulimia.

So you see….your diet could become your easiest hair loss cure!

Female hair loss

Female hair loss – apart from diet hair loss in women can be a symptom of a chronic illness or surgery, pregnancy, a side effect of a medication, chemotherapy, stress, birth control pills and the result of hormonal shifts such as menopause. Hormone imbalance is arguably one of the most common causes of hair loss in females.

It is also interesting to note that women make up about 40% of all hair loss cases.

Another tip for women on how to stop hair loss.

Have a good look at how you treat your hair – the use of harsh shampoos, too much coloring and bleaching, frequent and ongoing use of heated appliances like blow driers and curling wands, perms, tight ponytails and braids and harsh or improper brushing all lead to dry, brittle and damaged hair. All this may not cause permanent hair loss but the damaged hair is more likely to break off and give the appearance of thinning hair.

Treatment for hair losscomes in many and various forms. Many will say that genetic and hormones are the main culprits of hair loss. Before you rush out and buy the latest miracle cure, do some serious research first…

The average human sheds something like 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. If you’re shedding more than that then maybe it’s time for a lifestyle change – this goes a very long way to help stop hair loss.

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