Prescription is the science and practice of building up the finding, visualization, treatment, and counteraction of ailment. Drug envelops an assortment of social insurance rehearses developed to keep up and reestablish wellbeing by the avoidance and treatment of disease. Contemporary medication applies biomedical sciences, biomedical research, hereditary qualities, and restorative innovation to analyze, treat, and forestall damage and sickness, ordinarily through pharmaceuticals or medical procedure, yet in addition through treatments as various as psychotherapy, outside supports and footing, medicinal gadgets, biologics, and ionizing radiation, among others.[1]

Prescription has been around for a huge number of years, during a large portion of which it was a craftsmanship (a region of ability and information) often having associations with the strict and philosophical convictions of neighborhood culture. For instance, a drug man would apply herbs and state supplications for recuperating, or an old logician and doctor would apply phlebotomy as indicated by the hypotheses of humorism. In late hundreds of years, since the coming of present day science, most medication has become a blend of craftsmanship and science (both essential and applied, under the umbrella of restorative science). While sewing strategy for sutures is a workmanship learned through training, the information on what occurs at the cell and atomic level in the tissues being sewed emerges through science.

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